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Jestoni Dagdag

Jestoni Dagdag was born in the Philippines and moved to California at the age of 14. He found a sudden passion for dance when he took a modern class at a junior college. Soon after, he enrolled in other dance forms such as ballet and jazz. In 2013, he transferred to the University of California, Irvine. He studied under Tong Wang, Sheron Wray, Molly Lynch, Shaun Boyle, Dianne Diefenderfer, and Chad Michael Hall. In 2015, he finished with a BFA in Dance Performance, and was recognized with an "Excellence in Dance Performance" arts award. He recently performed as a guest artist in Donald Mckayle’s Etude ensemble. He's also performed and toured with several companies such as Multiplex Dance and Shaun Boyle & Artists. In addition, he enjoys sharing his passion through teaching and choreography. 

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