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Mission Statement,

Kelly Alvarez and Artists

The entity Kelly Alvarez and Artists (KAA) was established in 2016 by independent choreographer, Kelly Alvarez, to support the creation and presentation of her work. A Los Angeles native, Ms. Alvarez’s movement vocabulary combines pedestrian and gestural movements with dynamic, technical articulation of the body, rooted in both classical and contemporary forms. Her recent piece, “Bloodline Duets,” was recently awarded both the People’s Choice and Judge’s Choice/Grand Prize at the Rocky Mountain Choreography Festival in Ogden, Utah. Currently aiming to expand her audience throughout the United States and abroad, Ms. Alvarez has been invited to present work at the Southern Vermont Dance Festival (July ‘16), The Dance in 

the Desert Festival in Las Vegas, NV (July '16), the Fuze Dance SYNTHESIS III Showcase in Orange County, CA (Sept. ‘16), and is preparing for a full evening-length performance at The Peery’s Egyptian Theater in Ogden, UT (Oct. ‘16). By assembling hand-picked, high caliber artists for her each of her project-based engagements, Ms. Alvarez is able to pair the demands of each choreographic piece with the individual’s unique technical skills and aesthetic nuances.

Kelly Alvarez and Artists is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization.

"I create dance out of necessity. It is the lifeblood of my existence. I yearn to share, if just a glimpse, the spark that I feel when I am witness to a great work of choreography, whether as audience member, creator, performer or collaborator. I hope to contribute as wholeheartedly as I can, to this humble, vicious, and delicate art form, helping others along the way make discoveries and realizations of their own when viewing or participating in my work. By continuing to create dances I am honoring myself, my art form, my dance ancestors, and my community."

                                                                                                                                                                 -Kelly Alvarez

Photo by Anthony Calderon Photography
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