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"Our daughter has worked with Kelly for preparation for dance auditions for both summer intensives and for a performing arts high school.  Kelly took exceptional care preparing her not only physically for these auditions but mentally as well. She was interviewed by dance faculty for her audition

to LACHSA and they were thrilled with the fact that not only regarding her dance training

but she was well versed in Modern Dance history thanks to Kelly."

~ Parents of Dance Student



"When Kelly works with your child it is like hiring an entire dance intensive.  She is an amazing choreographer, a flexibility coach, a dance historian, a kinesiolgist, a pointe shoe

specialist, a videographer, a mentor and friend.  We can't say enough about the

growth our daughter has had working in privates with Kelly."

~ Parents of Dance Student



"One strength of Kelly's class (and of her choreography) is that her phrases are organic and enjoyable to perform--they challenge the dancers technically but also are rewarding

as dancing. She is clear, confident, and helpful to her students."

~ University Professor and Colleague



"Having taken Pilates from a number of instructors over a six-year period, I can say that Kelly has been truly outstanding in the combination of her creativity and good-natured spirit.  Plus, she makes

it all seem effortless.  I ALWAYS looked forward to our sessions together."

 ~ Pilates Client



"I really like that Miss Kelly knows her students' strengths and weaknesses--she teaches to the student rather than just going through a routine."

~ Dance Student, age 12



"My daughters have taken privates with Kelly for a few years now.  I think she is an excellent teacher!  She is incredibly talented in effectively conveying what the movement should look like and

in demonstrating techniques to master that movement, whether it be ballet steps,

turns, leaps, etc.  Kelly is also very positive and encouraging."

~ Parent of Dance Students



"When you are learning a new step or move, if you don't get how to do it the first time--Miss Kelly will explain it and go over it different ways until you understand how to do it.  She will keep

finding different ways to explain it until you get it."

~ Dance Student, age 15



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